It is no secret that industrial work is often heavily dependent on electricity.  That means having a reliable, consistent system is non-negotiable.  At M & M Electric, we believe an electric system is only as good as the quality of its installation and the caliber of products. 


M & M Electric only carries the most up-to-date, reliable line of products. Further, we offer a wide array of specialty services that will match all industrial needs. After all, not every industry is created the same way or in need of the same service. We guarantee that we have a system and the talent that will be a game-changer in your line of work.  

Our Team

Your company should invest in top-tier electric products. However, if those in charge of the installation cut corners, the quality of product will be meaningless. When you work with M & M Electric, you are guaranteed an entire team of trained professionals. Not only is every member rigorously qualified, but every single person stays current on the latest, most effective methods and installation techniques. This means when you sign with us, you are getting the best of the best. 

perfect is good enough!

Energy Efficiency Solutions

More and more, energy efficiency is becoming imperative.  Not only better for the environment, transitioning to energy efficiency is an economically-sound option.  We know the leap to more efficient energy use may seem daunting.  Our team is ready for a consultation to see if this is a step your industry needs.

Harmonic Installation

Depending on the size and scope of your industrial needs, you may find yourself looking into a harmonic installation.  A complex yet powerful component of electricity, our team can get you on this path to electric efficiency.  

Specialty Voltages

Different industries have different voltage needs.  At M & M Electric, we service a wide range of specialty voltages that are sure to fulfill the specifications your industry requires.  

PLC Solutions

We cannot overstate the importance of a PLC when it comes to industrial control systems.  Critical to make work run more systematically and efficiently, our team of engineers ensures this installation is catered to the needs of you and your line of work. 

Lighting Retrofit Solutions

Do you know the last time you updated the lighting in your workspace?  Idaho Power may be offering  energy rebates, though this can sometimes go under the radar, let us do the research for you, not to mention renovating old lighting can transform an industrial space and be affordable.  Not only will this expand the quality of lighting output, but it can also produce less heat and save you on energy costs.